The Chess Lv.100 Trouble Report
Frequently reported problems:
∗Trouble with the game graphics
We have confirmed in some cases, when you upgrade to Windows8-8.1 from other OS, game graphics can not be displayed properly depending on the setting of the graphics driver.
In such case, problem might be solved by installing the latest graphics drivers that support Windows8, or initializing the settings of your graphics driver.
Regarding the situation of your PC for Windows 8 graphics driver, please contact your computer manufacturer.
∗Fail to download and install the game
Sorry, we will not be able to help you about this matter. Please contact Microsoft for solutions.
∗Cannot start the game, no game tile (icon) on the start screen
After an app is installed from the store, you will find it listed in the Apps view with all the other apps on your PC in Windows 8.1.
Please look at the link below for more information.
If your problem still cannot be solved, please fill the report sheet below.
Country:(ex. US)
Type & name of the device:
 other device:  ex. HP ENVY TouchSmart 14t-k100 Ultrabook
OS:(ex. Windows 8.1)
 other OS:
About your trouble:
Please fill the checkbox that your problem applies.
(Report of more details about the problem will be appreciated as well)
Thank you for your cooperation.
If you can not send report by clicking "Send" button, please enter your report by clicking on "Customer Support".